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Mainline Security is an Australian owned Intercom Systems supplier and wholesaler in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


There are too many security products in the market. As for right security at home or office, intercom systems play an important role as basic yet critical security equipment. The demands of customers in Australia for Intercom Systems Melbourne is answered by the efforts of wholesale distributors and manufacturers like MAINLINE SECURITY, who offer all kinds of important security products including,

  • Access Control Systems
  • Electric Locks
  • Security Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Intercom Systems
  • Smoke Sensors

Intercoms in Demand

Among all the security products, intercom systems Melbourne has become the favourite of customers as it helps in screening unwanted callers and visitors. It gives the extra safety by helping to talk to a caller at home or business without opening the door. This security feature is very helpful in homes where elderly people as well as children live and who have the tendency to open the doors to anyone.

There are different types of intercom systems Melbourne such as audio, video and digital formats and IP. In advanced digital versions keypad options for keyless entry and seamless integration with access control system allow the intelligent use of door locks, pedestrian gates and electric gates.